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Simply the Best Strawberry Pie

Simply the Best Strawberry Pie

No soggy bottoms here!

I'm so very excited to share my recipe for strawberry pie! I've been working on it for an embarrassingly long time. It all started when I made a pie for the 4th of July that was incredibly disappointing. You know the type - soggy bottom and slices that don't even come close to keeping their shape due to a thin, liquidy filling. I wanted a crispy, buttery crust and a jam like filling bursting with fresh fruit flavors - and sweet but not too sweet. I set out to create this pie I dreamed of. I went with pure strawberry for a simple reason - I love strawberries! One doesn't see too many straight strawberry pies so I also liked that it was a somewhat unique pie.

My first attempts with the filling were disasters. I came to the conclusion that creating the filling on the stove top then spooning it into a finished pie crust worked better than baking both the crust and filling together in the oven. Unusual? I know but it gave me a thicker filling and a crispier crust. I also realized strawberries that have been cooked become mushy and not quite as delicious as their fresh or slightly cooked friends. Only two cups of strawberries will get cooked on the stove top while the remaining strawberries get mixed in completely uncooked.

Enough about the filling - now for the crust. Crusts made with all butter are delicious - so much flavor, so much flakiness and sadly, such a huge pain in the you know what. If you have a great all butter crust that doesn't shrink up on you, please use it!  I had the most success with a 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening crust. It is still delicious with a nice buttery flavor and will not shrink or lose its crimp like an all butter crust did for me.

I honestly started with my own crust recipe and after many tweaks I ended up with pretty much exactly King Arthur Flour's recipe. When making a crust, the process is almost as important as the ingredient list and I also found KAF's process to be unmatched in it's ability to produce the flakiest crust. I spent so much time working on the crust recipe that I was going to make a video but honestly, there is no point since KAF does it better! Here is the video!


Now for a few of my own crust tips. I had the most success with my Pyrex pie plate. It sure isn't as pretty as my Emile Henry plates but the sides seemed to stay in place extremely well. You will see this in the KAF video, but a spray bottle is a game changer. It really allows you to get the dough areas that are dry to the correct moisture level without overworking the dough. My most important tip - don't be afraid of messing up. If you are overly nervous your dough will likely end up over or under worked. Approach the dough with confidence - but uh, be gentle because that is also important for a tender crust! So tough attitude with a soft touch, got it?

I made a lot of different crusts over the past two weeks with many different techniques I found on the internet and in cookbooks. I'm not a professional pie crust maker but I did learn a lot so I would be happy to answer any questions I am able to -

Strawberry Pie
Makes a 9 1/2 inch pie

Pie Crust

Strawberry Pie Filling

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